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Family Visas
  Marriage visa
  Unmarried/Same Sex Partner Visa
  Fiance/Proposed Civil Partner Visa
  Parents/Grandparents Visa
  UK Unmarried Partners
  UK Ancestry Visa
UK Visit Visa
  Business Visit Visa
  Entertainment Visit Visa
  General Visit Visa
  Visa to get Medical Treatment
  Sports Visit Visa
  Chinese Delegation Visa ADS
  Student Visit Visa
Tier 1 Visa
  Invester Visa
  Prospective Enterpreneur
  Enterpreneur Visa
  Post Study Work
Tier 2 Visa
  Work Permit
  Change of Employment
  Intra Company Transfer
Tier 3 Visa
  Student Visa
  Student Visit Visa
Tier 4 Visa
  Youth Mobility Scheme
  Temporary Workers
Asylum and Humanitarian Protection
  Asylum Claim
  ILR as a Refugee
  Family Reunion
  Legacy Cases
Passport & Travel Document Applications
  Applications For British Passport
  Refugee Travel Document
  Stateless Person Document
  Certificate of Travel
  One Way Travel Document
About us

Our solicitors hold over 10 years’ experience of providing Immigration and Nationality services at all levels of the delivery system from your instructions all the way to the highest court in the land.

Rashid & Rashid Solicitores, like all other solicitors in practice in England and Wales, are authorised and regulated by the  Solicitors Regulation Authority. 

Our immigration solicitors’ further benefit from holding accreditations under the Law Society schemes to provide advice in the matters involving immigration that further ensures delivery of quality advice and excellent client care. 

We supply a very necessary service in regards to UK Immigration, as the idea of living and working in the UK appeals to millions of people across the globe, but acquiring a visa to effectuate this, is often a more complicated task than most expect.

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